A Little About Us

Why shop Gourmet Parrot you ask?

1.  Gourmet Parrot is a division of Nature Chest Bird Store located in Decatur, Alabama.  The Nature Chest bird store has been in business since 1996 serving the needs of parrots and their people.  Our specialty web site GourmetParrot.com helps us expand our food brands to enable our customers to have more nutritious brands to choose from, and increasing the best choices possible for our customers and their feathered friends.  From Finches to Macaws, from Chicks to Seniors, we hope to have something for all.

2.  We set up our Shop by Sections to help you find what you need quickly, or browse them for new products to try. If you already know what your bird likes and the food he or she does best on, then easily find what you need in our Shop by Brand Section.  However, if you are not quite sure what your bird needs, or maybe just want to view something new, then we offer our Shop by Species Section to give you lots of suggestions for your particular bird.

3.  Seems we all live in a busy time these days so we offer AutoShip Subscriptions to help our customers shop without shopping for bird food each month. No more worries about having your feathered friend’s food run out.   AutoShip allows you to control how often and how much you order, so you set your subscription to fit your needs and as an added bonus, every AutoShip saves you money as well.

 4.  Our Gourmet Parrot Perks Loyalty Rewards Program helps customers earn Reward Points several different ways. Earn reward points on every order placed with Gourmet Parrot, earn reward points for birthdays, social sharing, and such. Then use your points to save even when you shop.

5.  On a more personal note why we hope you trust us with your business, we opened our retail store in Decatur, Alabama in 1996, so we have been around for a while serving the needs of parrots and their people. Many years even before we opened our brick and mortar store, we were sharing our home life with birds.  The love of our feathered family members helped create our love of helping others who shared their life with birds.

Over the years we have worked with several local veterinarians and animal rescue groups to provide a safe haven for birds in need.  Providing a sanctuary for some who needed it.  Handicapped, aggressive, abused, neglected, or just birds in need, we have tried hard to enrich our life by helping when we could. 

We continue to learn every day through our own experiences and those of our wonderful customers who share with us their own journey with birds.  No one person knows all there is to know, but we all benefit from each other’s observations and learning experiences.  When we say Parrots are our Passion, we absolutely mean what we say.

Whether you shop www.GourmetParrot.com, www.NatureChest.com, or stop by and visit our local retail store The Nature Chest, in Decatur, Alabama, we are indeed here for you.  We want to help you in any way we can.  Whether it’s in the sharing of our years of experience and knowledge gained, or helping you troubleshoot a behavioral problem you might be having with your bird, or maybe tweaking a diet to help improve the life of your bird, or simply swapping some funny bird stories that make us all smile, we are happy to be here for you.

Debra Morgan