Parrots Helping Veterans and Vice Versa

Parrots Helping Veterans and Vice Versa

As we honor all Veterans who gave their all for freedom, we also honor those who choose to help save our wonderful feathered friends who are in need as well.  

There are many troubled parrots in rescue centers in need of loving homes.  They desperately need people who have patience and love to share as they begin to learn to trust and enjoy life.  Sometimes, in the same way, there are people who need love and a purpose of giving in life.  It can be an important step for birds and veterans as these men and women become a guiding light in a parrot's hope for a better future.

Not everyone is aware that just like dogs and a few other animals, parrots can also be registered as emotional support animals.  As therapy pets, parrots can provide a loving companion for many years for a veteran in need.

The group Parrots for Patriots is helping parrots and veterans at the same time.  You can click on the link in this paragraph to visit their website and see how they are helping both parrots and veterans, as well as learn how you can also help.  From Budgies to Macaws, parrots are finding love and giving it in return.

We hope this wonderful program continues to help veterans and birds in providing hope, love, and emotional support for both.

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