Fresh Corn on the Cob for the Birds

Fresh Corn on the Cob for the Birds

Sharing some fresh corn from the farmers market, or maybe from your own backyard, with all the birdies on a hot summer day is easy and so very satisfying.  

All you need are 6 Fresh ears of corn (or however many you want), a pot big enough to hold all the corn and water, and enough water to cover all the corn in the pot. A lid for the pot is optional.

Husk corn ears and clean silks off. You want to remove all the green leaves and silky threads covering the fresh corn.  Break off ends of the corn cobs that may have any worm damage. Place ears in very big pot of water. Bring the water to a boil and cook approximately 10 minutes. Remove pot from stove. Fully cool the cooked ears of corn.  I personally like to add ice to the pot of cooked corn to speed up the cooling process.  Once the corn is cool enough for you to work with, you can then cut each ear of corn into 1 or 2 inch size slices. When the corn if completely cool, they are ready to serve to your bird.  You can place any extra slices in freezer bags and freeze for later. I like to fill sandwich size bags first with a few slices, and then place these smaller bags into a larger freezer bag. This makes it very easy to just grab a small baggie a day for the birds.

As you can see, my birds thoroughly enjoy their corn on the cob.  You may have to clean a few corny beaks afterwards though.   Great Fun!



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